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Reviewed by ozthegreatat42330 9 / 10 / 10

Vastly Underrated in it's day but a stylish Victorian Version.

Frank Langella essays an excellent portrayal of the suave and commanding Count Dracula. And he is surrounded with a powerhouse cast, including Sir Laurence Olivier as van Helsing and Donald Pleseance as Dr, Seward. helped by the magnificent English scenery and splendid sets, such as the Carfax Abbey set with it's thousands of candles when Mina comes to dine. Also the character of Renfield is much more of a sympathetic creature in this version. This production, as was the 1931 Universal version, was taken by the Hamilton dean play, with quite a few script additions. And I agree with the young woman who said that she could understand how this Dracula, with his oozing sensuality, could so easily draw women to him. Of all the screen Draculas Langella is the one with the most sex appeal. Finally to round out the charms of this film is the fantastic sound score created by John Williams. (Where does he find the time to do all these film scores? And all of them so great.) Surprisingly, when it first opened this film version was a flop, which I feel was undeserved. But time has shown it to be a much better film than deemed.

Reviewed by sorendanni 7 / 10 / 10

A very miscasted Dracula in an otherwise great movie

This movie remains greatly in the shadows of both previous (Lee and Lugosi) and the later 1991 (Oldman) movie interprztations of the Bram Stoker novel. I have watched it and I can only say the movie does actually do almost everything good, it is actually scary at a few times, but Frank Langella may be very talented, but you never can imagine him as Count Dracula. There are many reasons, not in the least that he does not have anything in common with the figure Stoker, that means he is not scary. And that is no plaussible to be member of an ancient Transylvanian (Romanian) family. instead we see an American prince charming doing his utterly best to sound so English, it was like he was doing audition for a James bond movie. I just keep wondering why they did not cast him as Jonathan Harker. My bet is that of this cast Laurence Olivier (professor Van Helsing) had the most potential to make a plaussible Dracula. Still, the rest of the movie is a surprise, in a good way. Yes, you can nag that this movie is a very loose interpretation of the novel, but that is the case with kind of allmost every Dracula movie (the 1991 movie being a lonely exception). Wath matters for me, is that the storyline works! It keeps you watching the movie! It was was well scripted, with well chosen locations and, the best thing, It had the atmosphere the better of the Hammer movies also had! Last but not least: Donald Pleasence was again at his best in this movie, he makes it worth watching the movie, no doubt about it!

Reviewed by Trey Yancy 7 / 10 / 10

A big deal in its day.

Langella made a huge impact with this film and it is the movie that made him a star. While Lugosi was brilliant, his performance was representative of the overacting that was the norm at the time. The Christopher Lee / Hammer version was scary but old school almost to the point of campy - cheap formula films. With the 1979 version we had something completely different - a young(ish) romantic vampire. The passion depicted had never been seen before and it broke barriers in bringing women into the theaters for horror films. By today's standards it is clearly dated and it seems to a degree to be like a series of vignettes, but they were breaking new ground. One can forgive some contrivances, such as an abbey (which represented the absolute best Carfax set in any movie before or since) with the incongruity of a giant stone bat and snarling face door in the interior masonry. These truly were the best Dracula sets ever. The climactic ending also displayed more imagination than any other Dracula film. Overall, this was a great movie for its day. If one were a fan of horror films, this is definitely one that should be in their collection.

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