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Frank Grillo as Terry Malone
James Badge Dale as Hank Peck
Jamie Bell as Bryon Widner
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by steve-shaw-622-673526 9 / 10 / 10

Very refreshing story

You'll either love or hate this story, but it certainly is a fresh and hard-to-forget tale. The acting, in almost every case, was top-notch. The movie's pacing and flow were excellent. Even my wife, who doesn't typically care much for movie violence, remarked that this was one of the best films she's seen in a while. Donnybrook is definitely worth a view. In a world of forgettable flicks, you'll walk away remembering this one.

Reviewed by john-monne 9 / 10 / 10

What a nice treat

People who grade this movie anything less then a 6 to me have something wrong with their entertainment value. Acting was good, story was good, sound was good, camera was good..and all that for and still there are people complaining. Maybe movies that are a 90 minutes action scene with "shaky cam" effect are for these people. This is not an action movie, this is a gritty "real life" drama piece that feels good and solid. I really enjoyed it. I would have given this movie an 8, but seeing that there are people giving 3's, i will compensate with a royal 10!

Reviewed by richyoungphd 9 / 10 / 10

TIFF audience stunned

It was indeed quiet in the Winter Garden Theatre when the credits rolled at TIFF. This is not a movie you cheer for. It's gorgeous and brutal and humble. You exhale when it's done, and you're thankful for your different less desperate way of life. The acting is superb, especially the brave Margaret Qualley. This deserves to be seen

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