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Reviewed by paul_haakonsen 4 / 10 / 10

Way too generic and predictable...

Right, well the 2019 horror movie "Dolls" turned out to be something of a less than mediocre horror movie. The entire movie was just permeated by something that made the movie seem like something that was made in the 1980s, for better or worse. The storyline was generic and predictable. And for a horror movie, then the plot in "Dolls" was just downright derivative of other movies also set to be having dolls as the focal point. The 2019 movie "Dolls" from director Cuyle Carvin just failed to be original and it failed to be innovative. If you enjoy generic horror movies that are stripped of everything even remotely scary, and just cruise straight ahead with no surprises or no plot twists, then "Dolls" might be right up your alley. But if you want a horror movie that will make you jump out of your seat and have you checking over your shoulders, then you should not waste an hour and twenty-five minutes on this movie. And to make matters worse, then the three dolls in the movie weren't even remotely scary or disturbing in any manner. And the way they were utilized throughout the movie was just oozing with low budget and a lack of buget for special effects. It should be said that the acting in the movie was actually decent, despite the fact that the characters in the movie were flawed by not really being properly fleshed out and appeared to be just hastily thought up to be put into the movie. It was nice, however, to see horror icon Dee Wallace make an appearance in the movie, despite being a small support role. I managed to sit through the entire movie, but I wasn't impressed. It was a movie of sub-mediocre value, hence my rating lands on four out of ten stars.

Reviewed by ASouthernHorrorFan 3 / 10 / 10

My Review Of "Dolls"

"Dolls" is reminiscent of 80's prop horror films like "Puppet Master" and 1987's "Dolls", keeping with a slow paced scary story format. In this film, the story does move a bit too slow in the beginning. Too much time is spent teasing the horror to come, and clumsily creating character development. It gets a little tedious but Thomas Downey's portrayal of Robert does help break up the monotony with comic relief , and a general relatability- complete with "Dad jokes". The acting is decent, at times there is clear indication that the script never quite matured. Still, the cast did an excellent job bringing these characters to life. I do feel a need to complain there wasn't enough Dee Wallace. With a stronger script maybe it wouldn't have been so noticable, but given the over-exaggerated drama that eats up the first hour, and weak jump scares, I found myself wishing Wallace's onscreen presence was stronger. The horror elements are not as strong as I was hoping for going into "Dolls". Expected jump scares are weak, mostly just soneone being creeped out by a doll. A couple of the kill sequences fall a bit short, but were still a welcomed sight. Carvin is clever in his choices as far as how to shoot the horror elements, very much the way Full Moon shoots their stuff these days. The last act is the real ticket. The sinister, and tragic way the story ends, and those last few deaths are what I was hoping for the first two acts. Overall "Dolls" will disappoint as much as it will entertain. This isn't a high intensity thriller, and there are holes in the story. Still it is worth checking out at least once, just don't expect to be scared.

Reviewed by homecoming8 3 / 10 / 10

Killer Dolls - that you don't see moving at all...

Stuart Gordon's "Dolls" (1987) is still one of the best "Killer Doll" films and came out before succesful franchises like "Child's Play" and "Puppet Master". This year's "Dolls" just happens to have the same title and subject because it certainly isnt a remake of the classic 1987 version. The problem is that the simple screenplay is way too short for a feature film length. That's why most scenes are prolonged en seems to go on forever. Half of it's running time should haven ended up on the cutting room floor. The pace is too slow, endless scenes of boring dialogue. The saddest part is that the Attic Dolls are only seen standing still, they're not seen in action, due to budgettary reasons I guess.. The cast in mediocre at best and this feels way to much like a made for TV film. The only real scare is why genre favorite Dee Wallace (The Howlling, E.T, Halloween 2007) is mixed up in this cheap mess. There ar worse horror films out there but this is another disappointing attempt at making a scary film. Because it simply isn't.

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