Design for Living


Comedy / Romance

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Edward Everett Horton as Professor Nick Potter
Gary Cooper as Beau Geste
Isabel Jewell as Blonde
Jane Darwell as Nellie Thursday
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Reviewed by Martin Bradley 9 / 10 / 10


With a screenplay by Ben Hecht, direction from the great Ernst Lubitsch and impeccable performances from Fredric March, Gary Cooper, Miriam Hopkins and Edward Everett Horton "Design for Living" is a joy from start to finish. It is, of course, an adaptation of the play by Noel Coward and it's better than the original. A romantic comedy, a sex comedy, it has a sophistication that only Lubitsch could give it and the American cast actually add a dimension that Coward's brittle Britishness lacked. Fans love it but in the Lubitsch canon it isn't that well know. It really shouldn't be missed.

Reviewed by vincentlynch-moonoi 7 / 10 / 10

They talk it to death!

The majority of Ernst Lubitsch's films were silent. I wish this one had been, too, because they talk the story to death. As the old saying goes, "Too much talk and not enough action". And, to make it all the worse, all you really have here are two adult men with school-boy crushes on a young woman. It makes them look simply childish. Is there any reason to watch this film? Well, a few minor reasons. You get to see Gary Cooper speaking excellent French; it's his only really good dialog in the film. And, you get to see Mirima Hopkins in a role before she was typecast as a ditz. Edward Everett Horton has a rare role for the character actor where he was almost a romantic lead. But the problem with this film is that there are no admirable characters. Gary Cooper and Fredric March fight over the girl...and are not only unfaithful to their friendship, but literally unfaithful, as well. And Hopkin's character is pretty much a...well, what do you call a woman who marries one man, has a relationship with a second man, and also marries a third man...all the time playing games with the affections of each. I know I'm in a minority here, and I usually like both Cooper and March, but this film is about as low class as a film can least back in 1933. I kept watching only because I thought there must be a redeeming value to the film; it never came.

Reviewed by gamay9 7 / 10 / 10

remake Anyone?

Hollywood is doing many remakes because they don't have any creative screen writers, like myself, who can't get his foot in the door because of nepotism and the fact that I know no one out there. Some remakes are good, such as 2005's 'King Kong' (special effects?) but most pale in comparison to the original, especially the comedies. This film would be a box office smash today, with Naomi Watts playing the 'Gilda' role and Matthew McConaghy taking the Cooper role and how about Robert Downey Jr. as Frederich March? Instead of 'bums' moving to Paris and becoming successful, let's have them all stay poor, making the film more realistic. Back in the 30's and 40's films seemed to gravitate toward 'rags to riches' themes. We all know that such success is not the norm. Miriam Hopkins would be a star today....without the girdle Hollywood made her wear. And, let's face it, even in the 30's, people involved in the arts did not only have platonic relationships.

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