Dead Season


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 4 / 10 / 10

Simple Walking Dead imitator

I caught this one on Amazon Prime under the title THE RUNNING DEAD. It's an indie zombie movie no different from a dozen others and one that openly copies the look and feel of THE WALKING DEAD. A bunch of characters run around in a post-apocalyptic world and attempt to avoid getting munched on by the living dead. There's some talk here, some action, and a little character work. On the downside, the whole thing is hugely predictable, the camerawork is sloppy, and it does nothing you've not seen before.

Reviewed by genibeck 2 / 10 / 10

Not so bad

"Dead season" was one of 6 movies from a Zombie-Collection. Most of them where just bad. When I started watching this movie as the last of the six (and a few month after the first) I was sure it will be boring and predictable. But I watched it till the end, what I didn't with some of the other 5. Acting was OK, most actors did a good job. The locations were used best possible. The story line is not overwhelming but OK. And there is a surprising turn or two. But that's it. The special effect, on the other hand, were a mess. Some zombies didn't look dead at all to me. There are people in the supermarket looking more scary. I've seen a lot of bad zombie stuff. In the end I have to say "Dead season" is worth 5 of 10 stars. If yo really need to see another zombie movie, why not picking this one for a rainy afternoon.

Reviewed by Mari Morgan 2 / 10 / 10

The most boring zombie movie I've ever seen

This movie is one big nothing. I expected a little bit more, general idea was good, but everything is so, so poor. Acting is bad and unconvincing, there is no proper reaction to anything that is happening. And much isn't happening at all. Scenes are so boring, that I had to watch it with long pauses. I needed three days to complete this, and yes, I wanted to complete it, regardless how boring it was. You cannot properly understand the lines, the scenes are just jumping from one to another, sometimes zombies are slow and sometimes they are fast, and not much things make sense in this movie... I've seen around one hundred zombie films. Good ones, bad ones and really, really bad ones. And I truly recommend passing this one.

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