Day of the Siege


Adventure / Drama / History

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Alicja Bachleda as Malgorzata Bojke 'Drabina'
Antonio Cupo as Billy Barker
Claire Bloom as Maggie
F. Murray Abraham as Chess Hustler
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by belenkasbelenkas 1 / 10 / 10

false events to change the history

This film was cheap try to change the history,it is sad how such people like Renzo Martinelli could live with such lies,i ask every one to read the history to see by his own eyes how the facts was changed and many true events was hidden,the only true thing in the film is the fail attempt to occupies Viena but the whole thing around this movie was clear lie, i believe strongly it is cheap crusade attempt to attract people and show different massages to the Christian audience about Christianity after the church lost its supporters and recourses,honestly it is crap low and cheap lies,before saying any thing read the history from neutral western recourse's to see how Renzo Martinelli this radical crusade tryed to fake the history,specially about the women prostitutes and the death of the Turkish leader and why or how they lost this battle,without the betraying(when smaller leader in the Turkish army allowed the polish army to pass through the bridge behind the Turkish army without stopping them) the ottoman army wouldn't lost this battle Pro Rayan

Reviewed by winterorchid 10 / 10 / 10

I loved it

I'm not a movie buff and usually fall asleep after 30 minutes. I was able to stay along with this movie until the very end. Some viewers criticized it for lack of character development and lack of depth on the role of King Jan Sebieski and over-emphasis on Friar Marco. That is true but it was still clear from the movie that King Jan was key and instrumental in the defeat of the Ottoman. It introduced me to a part of history that is significant and not over-embellished. I'm the type of person that prefer a story line that is more natural rather than dramatized. I prefer "the Night to remember" over "the Titanic" for instance. I was able to understand the plot and I think it was focused. I think the low rating is undeserved.

Reviewed by lord woodburry 10 / 10 / 10

The Day The Poles Saved The West

Contrary to other reviewers I found The Day of The Siege to be an excellent film well grounded in history. The Mouslem Turks in 1683 advanced from Constantinople to Vienna for a second attempt at unlocking the door to Western Europe. The push on Vienna led a century earlier by the intrepid Turkish Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent had been repulsed. The Mouslem general The Vizier Mustafa leads a mighty horde of Turks and their allies and invests the City. True to Mouslem principles, Mustafa offers the inhabitants an opportunity to surrender peacefully. Though abandoned by the Emperor, the scratch force making up the garrison agrees to fight on. It is at this juncture that Mustafa makes the critical mistake. An ally suggests a cover force to protect the besieging forces from an attack from the North. Convinced that the terrain is too difficult, Mustafa ignores the recommendation and concentrates his forces on the siege with a great deal of initial success: The Turks break the wall. Fatefully Mustafa hesitates. Historians speculate that he wanted to swallow the city whole so that marauding Jannisaries didn't loot and destroy an important commercial center and base of operations for a further push into Germany badly divided by civil war between Christian factions. Mustafa's delay gives the Polish King Jan III just enough time to drag his canon through hostile terrain to attack the Turks and relieve the outnumbered garrison. I think the film was an excellent portrayal of Mustafa as an honorable warrior who made two strategic blunders, of Jan III who appreciated the first rule of strategy: attack where the enemy never expects to find you and of the Holy Roman Emperor who prefigured The Bush's flight on a different 9-11 when he abandoned his wife, his capital and his country to run away.

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