Dark Shadows


Comedy / Fantasy / Horror

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Eva Green as Vesper Lynd
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by A_Different_Drummer 8 / 10 / 10

one of the best of the Hollywood re-imaginings...

Lets be frank. If you had a dime for every time Hollywood took something dusty and old, and tried to turn it into something shiny and new, you could retire. In fact, most of these attempts barely work. But (having seen this one front to back three times since its first release) I believe this is an exception and moreover I believe that viewers have become so jaded to these attempts that they instinctively rebelled against the film (hence the low rating) without even giving it a chance. The script by Seth Grahame-Smith is witty and clever and engaging. And wonderfully demented. The cast is to die for. Eva Green and Johnny Depp are at the peak of their craft, delivering with a straight face bits of dialog that lesser actors would choke on. The supporting cast (almost all A-list with a young Chloë Grace Moretz) is rock solid. Overall a delightfully deranged yet still entertaining exercise in being silly -- which is exactly what Hollywood aims for in these odd exercises. The IMDb rating is much too low. Give it another chance.

Reviewed by david_hokey_16 10 / 10 / 10

Fancy costumes and set; no story at all

I wanted to like this film so much but it suffers from so much clutter. The only character that gets enough screen time is Barnabus and while the story is supposed to focus on some kind of love developing between he and Victoria she gets very little developmental. Many characters are wasted - such as Roger and Dr. Hoffman - and whether intentional or not given the soap opera background the acting was far too over the top by actors that are supposed to be amazing, ie Depp and Pfeiffer. It's sad when the children are the only ones who turn out a good performance though I must say Eva Green didn't disappoint. It's just too bad that her decent performance is muddled with ridiculous attempts at being comedic such as the sex scene with Barnabus. Going along with that it seems as if Burton only made Barnabus into a killing and screwing machine (what was the purpose of the bj the doc gave him again?) whose intent to see his family thrive and his curser squirm was just an afterthought rather than a driving force. Everything in this film felt so misplaced and rushed. The comedic timing was awful. The only reason I'm not dropping a point off my rating is because the end fight was actually entertaining (though we had to suffer to get to it) and the technical aspects were decent. After having Victoria willing to kill herself for the vampire we never actually saw her fall in love with (rush, rush, rush) and then taken over by the ghost of Barnabus' old love I wanted to just drop the rating even lower for the sheer stupidity, but I'm being fair here. If only this film were more fair to its audience.

Reviewed by adonis98-743-186503 10 / 10 / 10

Underrated Burton Movie!!!

An imprisoned vampire, Barnabas Collins, is set free and returns to his ancestral home, where his dysfunctional descendants are in need of his protection. For years Tim Burton has been one of my favorite Movie Directors and how couldn't he be? The man made Batman (1989) and Batman Returns (1992) he is a serious mastermind. But the last couple of years he has a tough time with his fans and his films quite fail in general the same goes for star Johnny Depp. Now Dark Shadows (2012) personally i found it a pretty good dark/Gothic comedy about a Vampire that was cursed to live forever and his only love was taken away from him. Plus there's nothing hotter than a blonde Eva Green and once again she proves of how great of an actress she really is, Depp is also great as Barnabas Collins he is funny, smart and scary when he wants to be and he won't let anyone hurt the family's name. Michelle Pfeiffer is also great as usual and it's good to see her in a Burton movie again, Chloë Grace Moretz plays the angry teen that is mad with the World and she of course does a pretty cool job. And for once again it wouldn't be a Tim Burton movie without Helena Bonham Carter right? There's also great cameos by Alice Cooper and the late Christopher Lee and i really loved the explosion in the Factory with the Red Fire it looked pretty cool. It might not be the cup of tea for some people and i totally get it plus it's comedy might not be for some but it's definitely a good film plus there's a great reference to Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991) and even Batman Returns (1992). If you like goth, Tim Burton and Johnny Depp you might actually enjoy this film besides it's definitely better than Big Eyes!!

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