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Bill Pullman as Earl
Dakota Johnson as Maggie Sherwoode
Ethan Hawke as Pat Garrett
Milla Jovovich as Lilli Hargrave
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Desertman84 3 / 10 / 10

Confusing Plot

Ethan Hawke, Ed Harris, Milla Jovovich,John Leguizamo and Dakota Johnson star in this story based on the play by William Shakespeare of the same title that had its New York setting at present day modern times entitled Cymbeline.This Shakespearean film directed by Michael Almereyda takes us to a story of an on-going war between corrupt dirty cops and drug-dealing biker gang.Things become more violent when the drug kingpin becomes determined to take desperate measures. Well,Shakespearean plot does exist in the movie.When King Cymbelinew,who heads the Briton motorcycle gang in a decaying town,decides to resist Roman tax,with police official Caius Lucius the chief collector.On the romantic front,Cymbeline's protégé is Posthumus,a handsome but penniless skateboarder is the secret love of Cymbeline's daughter Imogen.Unfortunately,his second wife the Queen is pursuing a match between Imogen and her son Cloten instead. Then the main villain Iachimo enters.He shows up in town and thinks that Posthumus can deflower Imogen in just one meeting.Posthumus thinks is easy money but Iachime takes of a sleeping Imogen and sends him into extreme rage.One of the gang members Pisanio,a kind thug,is tasked with the task of Imogen's murder.But the truth is that Imogen was assisted to fake her death and to escape town disguised as a man.Later,she stumbles into Belarius and his sons,who happen to be the kidnapped sons of Cymbeline.Then things get complicated as the story progresses. As the plot is being retold,we get to see lots of confusion in the movie.Obviously,the viewers will have a hard time to keep track of the plot unless they are familiar with the Shakespearean play.Also,the modern retelling of the story seemed out of place especially in today's world considering that the screenplay made very little difference in telling the story.It is rather unfortunate that the director possesses a talent cast in this movie but these actors and actresses have a muddled screenplay to deal with and could not save it from being a bad movie.

Reviewed by aprilmay-75879 4 / 10 / 10

I made it half way

before I finally shut it off. There art nay words to pray pardon me how awful this movie is. For the most part I thought it was a joke, or that something was going to happen and it would turn into a real movie eventually. I came here before renting and the summary seemed pretty decent, and the cast looks amazing! The IMDb summary is completely misleading having never heard of this movie before (and now I know why I hadn't). I'm a little upset I paid 4 bucks to rent this. That's 4 dollars and 45 minutes I can't get back. And I'm more upset about the 45 minutes. The summary NEEDS to say something about it being an attempt to modernize a Shakespeare...something - or whatever it was attempting to do. I seriously have never seen anything so horrible in my life - I find it near incomprehensible why anyone would even mildly consider producing something like this. I feel like I should cry a little bit over all the time and money wasted on this mess.

Reviewed by kosmasp 4 / 10 / 10

Kings and Queens of Anarchy

At least that's what the German distributor would like you to believe that is. What it is though, is a Shakespeare piece thrown into the modern world, but with the same dialogue you'll find in his books. So some words may seem inappropriate considering the time it plays, but that's up to the viewer to decide if he or she will fall for that. The actors are decent actually and they know their Shakespeare. But that might not help the viewer actually enjoying this. It does seem amateurish at times too. And again not the actors fault. Having said that, I'm not sure "real" dialogue would have changed my perspective on the movie overall. The drama is there (it was in the book), but the delivery script and shooting wise lacks a lot ...

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