Coyote Lake



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August 12, 2019



Adriana Barraza as Mama Octavio
Charlie Weber as Mario
Manny Perez as Ignacio
Tyler Silva as Pharmacy Boy
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by catherinepuime 10 / 10 / 10

a must watch

Okay I've just finished coyote lake for the third time and I have to say: WHAT. A. MOVIE. I had a pretty high expectation because I loved the plot and I loved the trailer and I'm absolutely sure it's now on my fav movie list. Cami, Adriana and Andres' acting were literally perfect. I laughed and cried in the movie and honestly it was the best movie ever. SPOILER ALERT After watching these three times I really saw what a complicated character Ester is, she has layers that will disappearing until the end of the movie with that amazing scene showing her independence, she really starts as the "naive" lil girl who thinks her mom will always protect her until the fearless girl who misses paco and wants to do what they would've done together. I really need to thank all the cast and crew for making this movie and I love it so much

Reviewed by teniaredegeld 10 / 10 / 10

Give it a fair chance.

I actually think this movie is quite unique and different from all the other movies I've seen. It kept me watching till the end and that while I'm really critical. Usually with movies I don't even manage to watch 10 minutes, though this movie is completely finished. The actors are amazing, (Especially Camila cause I just love her. Can't help it.) you can really see they are talented and portrayed their character quite amazing. And it just has a good storyline, you can really see what it's about and it's easy to understand. I think everyone should just give it a fair chance. Plus, some scenes are just heart warming. Not spoiling though, you will have to see for yourself.

Reviewed by claudiamendoza 10 / 10 / 10

Albert Camus can make a great 21century thriller

When you start seeing this awesome movie you feel that something deep is floating between words, silences and absolutely amazing views. Esthetic and violence are close, but that's not the main point that drives you to essential suffering, like in ancient greek tragedies. And when you go out, you remember that french writer, the dark philosopher. And you realize that this is a movie to last.

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