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Billy Campbell as Abraham Lincoln
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by josiahkwhite 8 / 10 / 10

It's best if the Civil War is already an interest of yours.

It's certainly not a movie I'd recommend if it's your first Civil War movie. Start with a crowd pleaser like Glory instead. The movie has a lot to say about war and peace, but it's hardly a good introduction to anti-war movies. Start with a winner like Hacksaw Ridge instead. This movie isn't in the same league with either of those great war movies. About the only other valid criticisms you could make are: 1) The first 3/4 of the movie is a bit slow moving, and could have been more dramatic. 2) The quality of the sound was a bit lacking, which is unfortunate when the use of dialect already makes the words a bit hard to follow. As other reviewers have said, it's great especially because it's different from most Civil War movies, showing the way a war can tear a country apart almost as much on the home front as it does on the battlefield. But part of the reason I loved it so much is that I find myself in agreement with the film's disparaged "Copperhead." While slavery is unbelievably cruel and inhumane, ending slavery in 1865 just wasn't worth the terribly high cost in blood. Brazil was the last country where slavery was legal in the Western Hemisphere, and they ended it in 1888. So even if the Civil War had never been fought, slavery in the South would almost certainly have ended by then anyway. If America had split into two countries, why would this have been so wrong? This is a controversial point of view -- then and now -- but I was pleased to see it argued with such conviction in a very watchable movie.

Reviewed by hewilson2-72-796868 7 / 10 / 10

Important Message for our Divided Times

The average rating for this film on IMDb is 5.5. I find it to be worthy of a much higher ranking. An astute film critic might quibble with some of the acting and occasionally the direction. But overall, in my humble opinion, this is a very good film. I'll start with the finish. The ending of this movie makes a powerful statement in our divided times. Try if you can, to imagine just how divided the country might have been during the civil war. This is the only film I recall addressing that question at all and now that the filmmakers have broached that subject, I can see how some might say it could have been done better. But boy is it a good story. A great story in fact featuring tremendous performances by Billy Campbell as Abner Beech, a contrarian in the North and Augustus Prew as Ni Hagadorn, the peacemaker in a divided town. If the ending doesn't move you, nothing will. Despite a slow start, this film moves along well and had both a great finish and worthy message. I enjoyed it very much.

Reviewed by mark.waltz 7 / 10 / 10

A different view of the war between brothers.

Brothers fight, and sometimes they kill. That is the sad comment on the civil war that had more than just slavery as an agenda. For a young country with only 70 years of presidents behind them, much drama and unrest had grown in a short period of time, and many different ideals were being fought for. This wasn't just through war. This was in individual communities, among family members, and within families, between fathers and sons. There are many ironies in the arguments being made within communities, within families, and between fathers and sons. It's a community at war, those who support Abraham Lincoln's fight to emancipate the slaves and those opposed to his methods. Democrats argue against the Republicans, and vice versa, making statements quite timely today. The beauty of the land long before highways and huge cities destroyed much of it is breathtaking, and the countryside of upstate New York state is breathtaking. Copoerheads, the phrase for anti-war believers, describes several of the main characters, passionate about their beliefs, feeling betrayed by their own families, yet considered traitors by their neighbors. It makes for great war drama, and turns this into another war between northerners living together, yet torn apart against the right of free speech and basic constitutional rights. Many of these issues are potent today as the land of the free finds itself divided once again.

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