Cop Out


Action / Comedy / Crime / Thriller

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Bruce Willis as Self - Host
Hannah Ware as Russian Lawyer's Wife
Michelle Trachtenberg as Casey Carlyle
Rashida Jones as Dr. Rachel Keyes
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by loz-87393 3 / 10 / 10

Painful Experience

As a huge Fan of Bruce Willis I was just sorry at every unfunny line he was presumably forced to utter, and just when you think it can't get any less funny, Tracy Morgan does some odd, long drawn out episode to make sure it does. But the real shock for me was when the credits rolled up and Kevin Smith was named as the Director, I had to google it to confirm it was indeed 'the' Kevin Smith, I am still in shock.

Reviewed by feyipuk 2 / 10 / 10

Needs more Smith and less Morgan

The biggest problem with this film comes in the first scene, where Tracy Morgan gives Bruce Willis an anniversary card. They've supposedly been working together for more years than dogs live, yet for the rest of the film you wonder if they've even spent more than than a car ride in each others company. Willis had more chemistry with the supposedly complete stranger, Samuel L Jackson, in Die Hard 3. Rookie cops, sure. Forced together cops, sure. But it's just straight out the gate. Which is a shame, as it also comes before probably the best scene in the film, where he's paying homage to some screen greats (including a film that Bruce Willis doesn't recognise), which gives Morgan a chance to shine. Putting Sean William Scott and Morgan together gives a few laughs, as they have the energy that could have driven this movie in a more Kevin Smith style direction (and maybe having them as two rookie cops might have been the way to go), while Willis and Jason Lee duke it out as more fatherly figures. Yet the leads personal obsessions - which tie in with what would in many films the main story of over the top drug dealings - means that the suspense gets a little lost/watered down, that Willis practically phones it in. Morgan seems to have more of a rapport with Michelle Trachtenberg - playing Willis's daughter - which probably says more about her skill than his. Given the amount of time Morgan has his back (on the phone) while the action is going on and other issues, it just doesn't seem to fit he'd have made ten years alongside Willis without his older partner asking for a transfer

Reviewed by DBLurker 2 / 10 / 10

"Comedy".. yeah right..

From Trivia: "The screenplay was in the 2008 Black List (a list of the best unproduced screenplays)." Maybe "Black List" was blacklisted for a reason. The whole premise is shite, no idea why anyone would bother with this boring screenplay. Maybe it's the fact that no actor in this movie is actually funny. The try hard black guy, the wooden white guy or the boring brown people. Can't tell who was the worst. Wanna watch a funny buddy cop movie? Go watch "The Other Guys", which is hilarious and actors in it are actually funny. As for this mess, generic plot, boring movie, as funny as bashing your head against a wall.

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