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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Taryll Baker 8 / 10 / 10

A worthy sequel to a classic.

Clerks II is written & directed by Kevin Smith and stars Brian O'Halloran, Jeff Anderson, Jason Mewes, Kevin Smith, Trevor Fehrman and Rosario Dawson. A calamity at Dante and Randal's stores sends them looking for new horizons - but they ultimately settle at the fast food empire, Mooby's. Following the incredible success of the 1994 classic 'Clerks', Smith returns to write and direct a sequel that holds on to all of the things we loved about the original. Delivering more pointless conversations about movies, women and their mundane lives. Nothing has changed but the setting, we still experience a day in the life of our characters. What's so great about this sequel is that it stays true to the original in such a way that feels perfectly seamless. The budget may be higher but this doesn't interfere, it kicks off in black-and-white and cross fades into colour, starting up a new chapter in the series. All of the main actors return, O'Halloran and Anderson grabbing my attention yet again, with a beautifully written script by Smith. Introducing Fehrman as Elias who was ridiculously fun to watch, especially as he tries to connect with Randal. He added a nice dynamic to the movie and I really liked his character. I greatly respect Kevin Smith for his realness in writing and directing, his love for comics, and almost anything else the guy touches. Even though he's earned major success, he still stays grounded in his storytelling. Dante and Randal have many great moments in this movie, but one of the best scenes they share is in the final act. It's sad and bittersweet, but ultimately ties the two movies together tightly. It almost serves as a service to the fans, but doesn't feel cheap or tacky. The only thing I felt lacked was the nerdy discussions. These became one of the highlights for me when looking back on the first movie, so I was hoping for a little more of that, However, I was thoroughly entertained when these discussions took place. The hilariously spot-on comparison of the Star Wars and Lord of the Rings trilogies was simply genius. Clerks and Clerks II were an absolute hit with fans and critics alike, thus I have very high hopes for the third and final instalment in this trilogy. Clerks III, due for a 2018 release, gives me plenty of time to prepare myself and re-watch these classics a few more times. Of course, showing some love for the other movies in the View Askewniverse including Mallrats and Dogma, also. Verdict; Clerks II is a worthy sequel and will not disappoint any fan of the original classic. A wonderfully written script by Smith welcomes you back to the store that assures you they are open. Clerks II, 8/10.

Reviewed by David Roggenkamp 7 / 10 / 10

Funny movie

It starts out with what appears to be an old fashioned movie, but quickly escalates into a number of plot scenarios. Two losers no longer have a place to hangout, so they choose the local fast food joint. There the two former workers at a grocery store have found a place to continue working; one of them is about to get married and move to Florida, his friend is there for support; but his boss is also there to add some mischief to the mix. There are three plot devices that enter – two nerds that make numerous references to Lord of the Rings and Transforers, and one multi-million dollar individual that can't help but showing up to gloat about his success. The movie at one point I wanted to put down; it played down on too many stereotypes and it looked like the rest of the movie would play out this way. Instead, it takes the stereotypes as we know them – and uses the reason we know the to be stereotypes and then mixes the up a bit and turns the into a progressive movie where the stereotypes are evolved as the losers slowly find some epiphany or solace in life; granted a few of the token characters are there just to mix things up a bit. The movie has a few bogus moments which are completely unbelievable, but they do give some instant charm to the movie and help amp up the feel a bit. The movie has at least three memorable sequences; first a dance montage on the roof of a fast food joint; an on tour show involving a male stripper and a donkey and lastly the ending of the credits where the copyright credits are listed – be sure to fast forward through the credits to reach this part; they are hilarious. Having said all of this; this movie isn't on my 'top picks', but it should be entertaining on a Sunday afternoon to the casual movie viewer. Originally posted to Orion Age (

Reviewed by ironhorse_iv 7 / 10 / 10

Dante's divine comedy was couther-culture, indeed. A cult-favorite of mine.

Most main-stream comedies would try to have over-the-top fantasy life premises, in which the audience can lance on, because how bizarre & surreal, it is. However, some of the better comedies, known for their Seinfeldian humor, idiosyncratic focus on more conversational everyday stuff that some audience might find mundane. Then, there are those, whom can mix, both of them, well-enough, that the audience can find, the simplest of premise, funny. This is one of those movies. Directed & written by Kevin Smith, Clerks 2 is a follow-up to the highest successful 1994's movie, Clerks and Smith's sixth feature film to be set in the View Askewniverse AKA Kevin Smith's fictional universe from the first film. Ten years after the events in Clerks, Dante Hicks (Brian O'Halloran) & Randal Graves (Jeff Anderson) find themselves working at a local fast food joint, after their previous work, Quick Stop Store, burned down, a year ago. Dante has plans to move away from town and get married, but Randal cannot yet, allow his long-last friend to leave, without one last goodbye party. While, Randal set up the party at the workplace, Dante is struggles with his mixed feelings for his current boss, manager, Becky Scott (Rosario Dawson) & his love for his fiancée, Emma Bunting (Jennifer Schwalbach). Will the goodbye party go according plan, or will Dante & Randal find themselves, making a bigger mess than before? Watch the movie to find out! Without spoiling the movie, too much, I have to say, it's nice to see Kevin Smith retackling his old films; however, in retrospect, it's generally viewed as Smith trying to rebound after his commercial failure in his non-View Askewniverse movie, 2004's Jersey Girl. Much like the original movie, the sequel to Clerks, also take place over the course of one day, and loosely connected with a series of small discussion skits and gags. But unlike, the first movie, the movie doesn't make too much jokes about the settling of the film. For a movie that mostly takes place at a fast food joint. I'm really surprised on the lack of jokes about junk food. You would think, the movie would be full of it. Anyways, the movie instead, tackles other issues, such as debates over movies, sexual positions, religion, racism, and romantic love versus pragmatic life choices. Like the first movie, the dialogue is rife with obscenities. Over 130 curse words, to start, as well as a lot of homosexual & racism slurs. The movie also has explicit jokes about bestiality, rape & others that some people might feel uncomfortable with. For me, the oddest thing about the film is having Jason Mewes as Jay do his 1991's the Silence of the Lambs, "Goodbye Horses" dance. That was really out of place & inappropriate. Even with all those, kinda offensive humor and jokes. There were some witty, somewhat heartfelt moments in the film. I did like the whole Jackson 5 'ABC" musical number. For the most part, all of these scenes serves mostly as filler. It really takes forever, for the weak main plot to kick in. The fact that the majority of that scene was ad-libbed, added to the pacing problems. While, the movie is not well-paced. The acting in this film was pretty good for the most part. The main actors, supporting actors, and cameos, all did their parts, very well. I have to say, my favorite actor in this, had to be Trevor Fehrman as Elias Grover, Dante and Randal's new co-worker at the Mooby's fast food chain. It sucks that he hasn't acted since this movie, because I found him to be, very funny. The worst acting in the film has to go to Jennifer Schwalbach. I'm really didn't buy anything, she was saying. Her performance was so wooden. Another thing, that was way different from the first movie, is how this sequel was in color & not in black & white. But as mentioned in the DVD commentary for this film, the entire film was desaturated, a bit after filming, because the colors were far too bright and cheery. In my opinion, I didn't mind that it was, as it adds so much to the cartoony astrosphere, giving the film a far, greater look. It reminds me, so much of the early 2000's animated TV Series Clerks with its style. Overall: While, Clerks 2 will never outshine the original. I have to say, it's still a watchable guilty pleasure of mine. Worth checking out. Face it tiger. You just hit the jackpot!

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