Chicken Little


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Catherine O'Hara as Elderly Lady
Joan Cusack as Constance Dobler
Patrick Stewart as The Captain
Patrick Warburton as Magic Mirror
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by heartflash 3 / 10 / 10


When I first saw the trailer for this movie I was dying to see it, I didn't get around to it though until I was at a friends house a while back. I couldn't get myself to watch passed the aliens first invasion. The beginning is amazingly well done, although completely unrealisitc, but i mean its an animation movie and that's the genius of it. Then I finally sat down and watched this movie and I quickly found out that it wasn't worth the hour or so of my time. It seemed rushed at the end and wasn't funny at all. I kept on thinking, what will they do for an ending, and then it was over so I was kind of disappointed. It's good for the younger audience, but not for a teenager like myself.

Reviewed by Ronald_Mexico 1 / 10 / 10

Average in every way

This was a film with a somewhat interesting premise, a somewhat interesting main character, and a somewhat interesting conclusion. This was not a Pixar film: it wasn't designed to appeal to adults. Rather, the writers focus on giving the kiddies a few laughs without leaving the parents comatose with boredom. And when everything is taken into consideration, the writers succeed. Somewhat. It's just not a very memorable film. Whreas most kids can watch films like "Shrek" repeatedly because of the sight gags, talented voice-over performances, and hidden jokes that they might not catch the first time around, "Chicken Little" is likely to be forgotten the moment the credits roll. That's not to say that Disney doesn't provide it's standard politically correct message. Of course the best player on the baseball team is a girl (Foxy Loxy). Of course a girl (Goosey Loosey) beats up and humiliates the boy (Chicken Little). Of course the character with the most redeeming social value is physically unattractive (Abby Mallard). And on, and on, and on. Disney also manages to continue its bizarre tradition of creating single father families ("Little Mermaid", "Aladdin", "Beauty and the Beast", "The Goofy Movie"): Chicken Little's mother has, of course, departed for the great unknown. The relationship between Chicken Little and his father comes across as more annoying than heartwarming. The premise: A father realizes that it's probably not such a great idea to be embarrassed by his son; by the end of the movie, what his own child thinks of him actually takes precedent over the opinions of neighbors and perfect strangers! This message would undoubtedly come across as highly inspirational...if not for the fact that it's so blatantly obvious, hackneyed, and overplayed. The voice-over's for the film were largely uninspiring, save for amusing performances by Don Knotts and Adam West. "Fish out of Water" was easily the most likable of the bunch (yes, I was suckered by the standard Disney cutesy animated character in their never ending attempt to sell more toys), and he didn't even have a speaking roll. No, "Chicken Little" is not the worst animated film I've ever seen...but memorable, it is not.

Reviewed by konrad-296-152616 1 / 10 / 10

I actually cried

This is without a split second of hesitation the worst movie I have ever seen. I actually cried through large parts of it due to the agony of watching it. Moral of the first 60 minutes of the story: if you are not good at sports then you are a bad person that nobody likes, not even your own parents, and that is just what you deserve. And if you are being bullied for not being good at sports then do not expect any help from adults, because you deserve that as well. After 60 minutes the movie turns info a cartoon version of War of the Worlds with aliens in giant octopus vessels terrorizing the town. The only thing I am grateful for is that I watched this on TV and not on cinema—that way I only wasted time and not money.

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