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Reviewed by eltraviesolui 3 / 10 / 10

Cheesey Amateur Hour

So.. my honest opinion is this movie is definitely "amateur hour" at its best. But I think that is what makes this movie so good.. Sure the acting was sub par. The audio was probably done with an iPhone. Video may have been also for that matter. Sound had echo and far away effects. The scenes were "interesting". And anybody who watches this needs to tell me.. was it me or did no-one show ANY emotion at all throughout the whole movie? Expressions did not match the event. Actions made no sense to the scene. There were plenty of times where I could have swore it was not scripted.. Lots of add lib going on, or mad libs to be honest. Not to spoil here but if someone dies or is in a gun fight, you would think there would be some expression to at least show the level of stress that bugs bunny had when he was shot in a gunfight. BEST SCENE in movie.. "SAY HELLO TO MY LITTLE FRIEND!!!" - No that is not in the movie but when you see the scene in the church you will agree with me... After 10 minutes I could not stop watching. I was at first taken a back on how such a cool looking cover and story line could be this movie. Then I was just looking out for what an amateur movie reviewer with absolutely no place in judging a movie would do. Pick out and laugh at the many scenes where I wondered why they did what they did. Why, why, why!? So, my recommendation is you make some popcorn. Maybe have a drink, and surround yourself with people that have a sense of humor that will feed off of you as you make joke after joke on how good this movie is because it is sooooo bad. Some good director needs to remake this movie, has lot's of potential... Watch the train wreck and enjoy...

Reviewed by ksesnon 1 / 10 / 10

Worst Movie EVER

I previously thought the "Straight Story" was the worst movie I'd ever seen but this one is worse. This acting is beyond terrible. I have seen far better acting in 3rd grade class plays. The dialog is just about as awful. It's so awful it captures you and sucks you in as you wait to see how much worse it can get. Do not waste your time or money on this thing.

Reviewed by murrprr 1 / 10 / 10

Pillow time

Onlyest good thing about this western movie was the daggum intro song 'Cheat the Hangman'. Bad acting, bad letterbox format, bad audio,etc. The movie included mundane church and courtroom scenes, so grab a pillow.

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