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Reviewed by ksaelagnulraon 5 / 10 / 10

Wayne Groom's first feature...

...is his best, which doesn't say all that much. It's a mixture of futuristic science fiction woven into a corny love story that probably would have worked, but for the script, which contained so much constant nudity and sex that mainstream actors would have been highly unlikely to accept the roles. Add to that budget constraints - Groom, as producer of this one, would not have had access to the funds he has now (although the Australian Film Corporation gets a plug here) - and what we're left with is an Australian foray into very soft porn that has trouble finding a mainstream audience because of the acting quality. Just who the hell are Kylie Foster and Paul Trahair? A quick search on IMDb tells us that Trahair's only other role was as a young detective in SQUIZZY TAYLOR. Foster is much more travelled: she had character roles in the TV series PRISONER and SKYWAYS, and then found parts in KITTY AND THE BAGMAN, MELVIN and QUIGLEY DOWN UNDER - though how is a mystery, noting her acting "talent" in CENTRESPREAD. Indeed, while CENTRESPREAD could have become an Australian cinematic landmark akin to MAD MAX, the best parts remain the opening and closing themes, the former of which could easily have become a mainstream pop classic. Rating: 5/10

Reviewed by duncamax 7 / 10 / 10

Softcore faux-Sci Fi Ozploitation masterpiece

When I was younger I read a book about the history of cinematic Sci-Fi by the late John Brosnan. He spent some time discerning between "classical sci-fi" which deals with the implications of future technology or circumstances (such as 2001, Mad Max II or Bladerunner); "space opera" fare (which are "universal myth"-type films adapted to a sci-fi setting; Star Wars is the obvious example); and finally - films/story lines which could just as easily be set in the current day and have nothing to do at all with sci-fi beyond using its trappings as a marketing hook (Outland might be an example). Naturally an aficionado of sci-fi like Brosnan was contemptuous of the last category. Some time later I saw Centrespread on late-night TV and I immediately thought "Wow! This is exactly what he was talking about in his book!" The premise of the plot as I understand it (from memory; this was about 1994) is that in the dystopian future, the powers-that-be published a porn mag to keep the rebellious masses docile; the protagonist is a photographer working for that publication. Beyond the costumes, sets and occasional references to the "badlands of Sector G", it's a soap opera about the photographer, his model and his boss. Other than that, it looks and sounds like it's set in late-'70s Adelaide and the surrounding environs like Maslin Beach (conveniently clothing-optional for the location shots); which as a native of the locale is fascinating to me. The only thing dystopian about it is the grim and shocking vision of cameras that were apparently going to get encumberingly larger rather than smart-phone sized. We dodged a bullet there, kids! The stilted acting, uninspired dialogue and crummy effects are naturally awesome, but I'll second everybody else and suggest that it could have used more nudity. I'll also assume that the budget could have stretched further if they'd just set it in the Adelaide of the day rather than the vaguely Mad Max-ian future - the story wouldn't have suffered. One of those fascinating films which purport to say something about the future they're set in but end up saying more about the past they were produced in. I'd watch it again - hopefully next time accompanied.

Reviewed by sharptongue 7 / 10 / 10

Silly but quite enjoyable

Agreed, the acting in this film is truly awful. But there's enough nudity and some lovely images (I particularly enjoyed the early scene where there is paint smeared over naked bodies during a weird photo shoot) to hold the interest. And, as a former resident of Adelaide, I was pleased to see a film which used the famous Maslin Beach (first legal nude beach in Aus) as a location. The tone is surreal throughout, and the awful acting and weak story seem only to add to that effect. Worth a look, especially if you can lay your hands on the video version which includes a "the making of" special, which includes some extra nude scenes.

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