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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by zombiebird 6 / 10 / 10


An interesting indie film about relationships and mental illness. It's not a movie that really opens up in the 1st few minutes, or even the 1st hour, you really do have to stick with it to get an idea of what's going on. In the beginning it almost feels like soap story where a evil character comes in starts spreading lies about somebody and ends up having that person ostracized, and as it progress you feel somewhat more confused about what's going on, but the end puts everything into perspective. A lot of what didn't make sense early on, starts to make sense now and you have that moment of connecting the dots and seeing the full picture. The acting is brilliant, often in movies like this the acting is mediocre or even bad, but everybody here is just great. The writing and directing too is great, all the scenes have a natural feel to them that really pulls you in. It's obvious that this was done on a really low budget and so it's really interesting to see what can be managed with so little. The mental illness side of this was great and what really interested me in this movie, I hate movies where mental illness are wrongly represented (*cough* Silver Linings Playbook *cough*) and so it's really refreshing to see a proper portrait of personality disorders. In short, a great indie film, but probably not something mainstream audiences will enjoy.

Reviewed by genevievecseh 10 / 10 / 10

Terrible, waste of time

The two stars are for the slight twist (although this is revealed in the synopsis, so hardly a real shocker) to the plot. All the characters were strange and really unlikeable. I never understood why they were all still sticking around. Ridiculous and unbelievable and pointless. The reality TV jumpiness of the filming is distracting and annoying and is about as interesting and worthwhile as reality TV (i.e., not at all). I want those two interminable hours of my life back. I nearly gave up a couple times, but watched on, hoping it might redeem itself somewhere. The whole thing was cringe-worthily awkward, but I suppose that was the point. Trouble is it was also laughably implausible and boring at the same time. Could have been done so much better than it was, with some actual plotting and a different director. I felt the actors were probably quite good, but there wasn't much for them to work with. Definitely would not recommend.

Reviewed by jennifersaunders555 10 / 10 / 10


This is literally the first film review I've ever written, not to say I don't watch a tremendous amount of movies, I literally watch at minimum 5 a week. I mentioned that though because I feel compelled to say I'm shocked there would be a single bad user review out there for this film... to such the point that I felt compelled to write my own as I felt certain any negative reviews must be written by ex-husbands/wives or the such. This film is absolutely brilliant! It's masterfully written and directed, not only for a first time filmmaker but for anyone. The acting is superb, I mean real-life tear at your seats real. And all the technical elements are top-notch, camera work, sound design, score, etc. That being said, a lot of indie films out there are good, but what really sets this one apart is how original it is. If you watch a lot of indie movies, or studio movies for that matter, you start to find them really really repetitive and almost plagiarist. -- For Caroline and Jackie though, I can say you've literally never seen anything like it. It's both well crafted and original, and it'll keep you guessing over and over and over again. Like as soon as you think it's going one way, BAM, it throws you the opposite, and all for good reason, all for an amazing payoff. That said, this is a character driven drama, indie film to its core, so if you're into that kind of movie or looking to explore one, you're going to love it. I mean really love it. If you're into big studio movies, want a simple escape and no questions to boot, then this might not be your cup of tea. I find the ending very satisfying, even redemptive, but I wouldn't call this a happy-go-lucky film, so don't go into it wanting to relax. In summary, at its core this is a film about sisters, and more broadly family, for real. What a family is really like and what a family can really do to you, both in terms of helping you and hurting you. If you're crazy about relationships and love a good story, check it out. I gave it a 9 because I think giving anything but like The Godfather a 10 is just ridiculous, so for my kind of scale this is about as 10 as you can wish for. I can't wait to see what this guy does next.

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