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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by TheMarco 9 / 10 / 10

An exploration of pains

Like many others who have commented on this piece before, I was never a fan of Rachel, and that dislike naturally affected my perception and judgment of -- as well as expectations toward -- Aniston and her work. The portrayal of Claire caused some massive adjustments, which makes me really joyous. Aniston's character in Cake is interesting and convincing in so many ways, and it gives food for thought in so many aspects -- it makes you wonder what alternative path(s) as an actress she might have taken in the absence of Friends. But never mind all that. Here's hoping (and now also very much expecting -- yeah, revealing one's talent can be a real curse) that we'll get a lot more of THAT actress in the future. The development of Claire's character, and thus the film as such, progresses at a good pace. Don't be turned off by claims that the first half is too slow, it absolutely isn't. Portraying the many facets of pain that represent Claire's reality couldn't possibly be done more quickly, it would be entirely inappropriate. In fact, I assume the director had a lot more material in that section which he was forced to cut to appeal to a broader audience (which is a real shame). Similarly, don't be misled by claims that much of the first part of Cake is a '(self-)pity party'. Whoever spouts such nonsense simply lacks any experience of what chronic pain is like. In a sense, such people are to be admired and congratulated because they seem to have lived rather luckily. On the down-side, lack of personal experience comes with lack of true understanding and empathy, which is unfortunate. If anything, it's rather amazing that Claire manages to operate as well as she does. Many, perhaps most, others in her position wouldn't. That she is snarky and short in her interaction with others cannot possibly surprise, constant pain does that to a person. I also liked that the full spectrum of pains was not revealed immediately. We slowly learn that chronic bodily misery is not the only part of Claire's hell. Rather, psychological pains -- and here too, not just one kind -- represent key aspects of the character's daily experience of 'life'. Over the course of the film, more and more agony gets packed on, making you wonder how she's even able to manage anything other than a crawl. In this respect, I actually found the weakness of her suicidal tendencies (as portrayed) quite unconvincing. How could anyone not strongly wish to put an end to this kind of suffering?? (Religion certainly didn't seem to play a preventative role.) One key question that I wish the film would have had time to consider is how relatively lucky Claire is despite her personal hell. Imagine the same fate had affected not Claire -- who's obviously materially well-off -- but rather her housekeeper Silvana. If Claire's life is agony, what would the existence of an immigrant be like? All in all, much applauded and recommended.

Reviewed by sadieeganse 7 / 10 / 10

The movie Cake actually has nothing to do with cake

Jennifer Aniston is known for her iconic role as Rachel Green from the TV classic, Friends. Her lead role—Claire—in the 2014 drama Cake, is a far cry from what Aniston is used to portraying. While watching a drama, I expect there to be conflict throughout the story and experiencing a mix of emotions. I usually don't cry while watching movies, but when I watched Cake, I was pleasantly surprised to find myself getting teary-eyed. The storyline revolves around a grieving woman, Claire, following her journey of overcoming the many obstacles brought forward in her life after being involved in a fatal car accident. Claire struggles with a chronic pain disorder and pain pill addiction, for which she has an at-home nurse, Silvana, and an addiction/support group. The film starts out with Claire in an addiction meeting: they are discussing the recent tragedy of their peer, Nina, who had recently commit suicide. Claire feels obligated to bond with Nina's family because of the direct similarities between their stories, and goes out of her way to do so. Seeing Claire struggle both physically and emotionally with her new life is heartbreaking and all you can do is empathize for her pain. The only issue I have with this movie is that it doesn't make sense until the end. I was very confused as to why Claire was doing certain things, but by the end everything made perfect sense. Over all I give this movie 9 stars. I would definitely recommend it to others and will for sure be watching it again.

Reviewed by dreamlife613 7 / 10 / 10

Good character study of a woman dealing with emotional and physical trauma

If you have every known someone who was badly injured in an accident or lost someone, you will probably relate to the subject matter of this film. Someone close to me was badly injured in a car accident, and I remember how difficult it could be to watch her deal with severe depression, physical pain, and humiliation throughout her recovery process. There were times when I just wanted her to pretend to be getting better because it could be so draining to watch her cry, curse, shut down, and think about death and blame. Jennifer Aniston does a very good job portraying all these different aspects of the recovery process. There's the physical pain, the abusive language towards others - even the ones who care for her, and the blame and self-harm. Some might describe her as a "bitch" but pay attention and think about things from her perspective. As a fan of Six Feet Under, I enjoyed the hallucinations of the suicide victim and the dark humor in those scenes. I also enjoyed the development of a friendship with the suicide victim's husband. It felt well-paced and believable. Most of all, I liked the friendship between Claire and her maid. The subject matter may be a bit depressing for some, but if you enjoy a good character study and are even the slightest bit interested in the perspective of a person dealing with severe trauma, I would recommend this film. It might even help you deal with a similar situation or that of a loved one.

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