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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by randbark-2 1 / 10 / 10

Made by Tobacco Companies?????

Well, first, not scary at all, like the majority of horror movies and especially those centred around halloween. Very predictable, boring, poor acting (especially the father), etc. etc. etc..... But, if you like to see people smoking, this film is for you. Could have been sponsored by tobacco companies. As the Brit's say, complete Rubbish.......

Reviewed by michaelant555 1 / 10 / 10

Barely Watchable

Dysfunctional family gets a Boo! Package left on their door step just before Halloween and their young son warns them that it's real. His father tells him it's nonsense and just an urban legend - and so it begins. I watched this all the way through so I could write an honest review of it. I will say I didn't hate it. There was enough sensible character development and conversations that didn't patronize the viewers but the story-line, some of the acting, and the direction seemed pretty lame and amateur at times. There were some okay horror elements and there were some cheesy ones and although the third act was fairly fast-paced and horror oriented it was all pretty amateur. I can't give this any more than 3/10. I wouldn't feel fair rating this any less than 3 but I can't in good faith go any higher. It certainly does NOT deserve the 8, 9 , or 10 stars that the people involved in this movie have given it. Ignore those reviews.

Reviewed by hampersnow-28905 1 / 10 / 10

Boo, this is a bore...............

The 9 and 10 star reviews are all fakes. Obviously a low-budget , amateur attempt at horror , 45 minutes in and there wasn't even 1 scare. There were scenes of drama in this movie that were well played, Aurora Perrineau is a very good actress and pretty, but what are scenes like this doing in a horror movie ? Did they start to make a melodrama and then change their minds ? I kept falling asleep, this is so unbearably slow and I just gave up wondering when it was going to become a horror film. Except for Aurora and the actor playing her boyfriend, who seem to be in an entirely different movie, the other actors are unconvincing and just plain bad. The 4 actors chosen to play the family come across as just that, actors, never once do you believe they are a family. At times I felt like I was watching an incredibly poor imitation of Halloween, if you removed all the elements of horror and suspense. A must to avoid unless you need a sedative.

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