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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by SnobReviews 6 / 10 / 10

"Bolden" is a different approach to the drama biopic.

"Bolden" will transcend you into a hallucinogenic state and is an interesting approach to the conventional biopic. In this drama based on a true story, although much of his life remains a mystery, Buddy Bolden becomes the first cornet king of New Orleans. Overall, "Bolden" isn't for everyone. The film features solid performances from its cast, an excellent score by Wynton Marsalis, but the story can become confusing to viewers. I understand that much of Bolden's life is almost of myth, which is why writer/director Dan Pritzker took the approach he did. A vision of a life that will be underrated, but if you enjoy jazz music and a fresh take on the biopic drama, check out "Bolden". Go see it or wait to see it at home.

Reviewed by tonyulesich 10 / 10 / 10

All the potential with no substance.

I want to start by stating that the music by Wynton Marsalis is really well researched and played. The costumes were also very well crafted, and true to the period. The acting was suitable, even though the actors said next to nothing. In one of the opening scenes, the audience sees Buddy get thrown out of a hot air balloon, and parachute to the ground while playing his cornet to a cheering audience. I thought, wow this is going to be a creative and fun take on his life. Yeah, I was wrong. That was the best thing in the whole movie. As far as the story, it goes in a couple of different directions. Time jumps around from Buddy's life as a child, as a budding talent, and his final years in a turn of the century institution. The story is shown in Buddy Bolden's disordered flashbacks of his life. Buddy Bolden's character is an enigma, and the supporting characters are underdeveloped. It's like shaking your keys at a baby to keep them from crying. The writer was hoping the audience is so distracted by all the nudity and violence, they won't care that there isn't a story There were lots of interesting settings, but nothing happens. Any detail about Bolden's relationships with his many partners are just lust filled scenes of lust. I thought for a second that this thing should be on skin-a-max, probably will be. The movie was a long time in the making, a total of eleven years. Multiple reshoots, and at one point got an entirely new cast. All and all, they spent a lot of money on a dud.

Reviewed by thestreetdirector 10 / 10 / 10

An Amazing Film

Made with great respect to history, art, and the Life of Buddy Bolden. A great film with great intents. Truly one who loves Jazz and history of music should experience this film. Great Job

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