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Reviewed by michaelmouse1 1 / 10 / 10

One Hot Mess

Oh dear...what a mess this is. A case of a good enough cast let down by a truly inept script. This film is all over the place. Appalling character development (or lack of it), coupled with an overdose of melodrama and dialogue that is truly cringe-worthy, lead to an embarrassment of a film. With so few films speaking with a black voice, let alone a Gay one, expectations were high for ' Blackbird' but this hysterical nonsense just leaves the viewer wondering WTF???! This film has the feel of a film-school graduate's first effort, which is not a criticism if they come up with the goods, as many do,...but not in this case. There's way too many concepts fighting each other for space here- religious fundamentalism, homophobia, mental health issues, abortion, family dysfunction, missing child syndrome, coming out and more. There's promise enough to hope for a better effort next time. Until then, this one is a bird that will never fly...regardless of its colour.

Reviewed by Kevinbstl 7 / 10 / 10

Stick with it-- great movie

Hated the first scene-thought it would be a sappy terrible movie. Stick with it because it is actually very good. Especially the ending. I don't know why some others said the acting was poor because I thought they all did great. Not great just for a low-budget movie but great for any movie. If I had one complaint it would be that the teenagers I know are not always wearing perfectly clean clothes nor are they as perfect as these kids--I can overlook those quibbles for an otherwise great movie.

Reviewed by Seth_Rogue_One 7 / 10 / 10

Deserves a higher rating than the current 5.1

A nice surprise, which I didn't have terribly high hopes for after seeing the ratings but it was actually a nice little film. It's a drama about a black teenager from a really religious upringing who's struggling with his sexuality, biggest reason for his struggle being his force-fed belief that homosexuality is a sin. But there is tons of humor in the movie as well, it's definitely not all darkness even though there are plenty of sadder moments as well it combines the serious drama and comedy very well. The cast all do a very good job and may I say that the lead; Julian Walker is a brilliant singer as well? Well he is. The only issue I have really is that there was a moment in the end where they throw a bit of a twist on you that I didn't really quite understand fully but on the rewatch I'll pay closer attention and perhaps it will fully make sense. Still nothing that takes away from the overall feel of the movie.

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