Black Water


Action / Drama / Thriller

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May 8, 2019



Al Sapienza as Detective Baldwin
Courtney B Turk as Melissa Ballard
Dolph Lundgren as Jason Price
Jean-Claude Van Damme as Jacques Kristoff
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kaspervancanneyt 7 / 10 / 10

Noble intentions, disapointing realities.

In appreciating and evaluating "Black Water", you need to make some nuances. If you are a fan of JCVD and Dolph Lundgren, there's no doubt you'll at least applaud the concept of this flick and appreciate what they are trying to do here. But you'll also be all the more disappointed, as the movie does not live up to it's excellent set-up. Largely because of what seems to me an overall lack of funds: the set, the writing, direction, and the vast majority of actors are sadly sub-par, bringing the movie down to something painfully average at best. That doesn't mean it's not enjoyable as an action flick, especially if you're a fan of Van Damme or Lundgren. But it has some painful flaws that actively hurt the viewing experience and in no way does it live up to the very hype concept. So, what's good and what's bad? The short opening scene is extremely pleasing and exciting. It's mysterious and has a slight horror-aspect to it, kind of like Pound of Flesh with Van Damme. But it's also amusing thanks to Lundgren's character, which was obviously a role written with him in mind. And above all it gets you pumped for a good action flick with two icons. Are JCVD and Lundgren going to have to escape an under water jail? Is this going to be Death Warrant meets Under Siege meets The Expendables? Whoever thought of the basic idea for this movie, knows what's up: this is exactly the kind of concept you want for a cool old school action movie with a few of your favourite old action stars. Sadly the second scene, which is a flashback to how Van Damme ended up where he is, is one of the worst in the entire film. It involves one of the weakest aspects of this movie: the shoot-outs. This scene was supposed to be a big action-packed shoot-out, with an emotional finale. Sadly it doesn't deliver anything: it's boring, has next to no cool action moments. It just feels ridiculous and unbelievable, and not in a good funny way. The gun-action feels uninspired and has no impact. This movie feels like a really good idea executed poorly. You could blame the director, the cast, or whoever's in charge of casting, or the set. But I think we should just blame the budget. If this had been a big budget film the action scenes, the cast, ... all those aspects would have been way better. The movie does have some good moments, and it's in these moments that you feel what this movie should have been. What this movie needs? 1: Re-writing of the scenes and especially the action scenes. I KNOW Van Damme has still got it. Why doesn't he do cool looking kicks in this film? 2: a better, more impactful villain, 3: more screen-time with Lundgren, 4: better actors for the crew and female agents. I still love the idea and attempt. I love that Van Damme still makes movies. Because of that, and because it was in the end 'okay' for the most part, I still gave it a 7/10 through nostalgic glasses. I would recommend watching it at least once, it will likely give you some enjoyment and laughs, but don't go in expecting a great revival of old-school action. For that the action itself is too lacking, not to mention the other flaws.

Reviewed by ayaz-s 2 / 10 / 10

Best left alone

Everything about this movie is grade C, from props, sets, direction, story, action etc. If anything it is trying to bring Van Damme back to life but unfortunately there is not much of that left in him. The guy can hardly move now and so should avoid attempting to relive his past. Unrealistic shootouts and action scenes seal the fate of this movie.

Reviewed by Michael Ledo 2 / 10 / 10

Where is the file?

Jean-Claude Van Damme is imprisoned on a Hollywood submarine with the proverbial file wanted by his boss gone rogue. Dolph Lundgren is also imprisoned there in a role slightly more than what he had in "Altitude" a film just as bad. This is a submarine that is a lot bigger on the inside than outside, aka 'Dave Made a Maze." Not a single bulkhead had a curve. They shot a lot of bullets into it. I am not sure what powered the submarine, but I don't think they had room for any kind of propulsion because it was filled with bad cliches and bad dialogue. Now when a sub "takes on water" the collision alarm is sounded (I'm not sure what that was in the film) and the sub does an emergency surface. It doesn't wait until the flooding is stopped. Less depth means less outside water pressure and less flooding. Physics 101. Our heroes battle the gang that doesn't shoot straight, even at close range with bullets never bouncing off a steel wall. Guide: F-word. Implied sex. Brief nudity. No splits.

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