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Reviewed by ma-cortes 7 / 10 / 10

Third outing in Harry Palmer series plenty of suspense, mystery and action

This is the third of the Harry Palmer spy stories which made Caine a big name star as sympathetic crook turned int secret agent. Nowadays Harry forced into retirement works as private eye . Henry encounters himself privately recruited by the British Secret Agency and he's again hired by MI6 and his colonel Ross(Guy Doleman, usual in the trilogy). He must to deliver a thermos flask containing an estrange eggs to American(Karl Malden) resident in Finland. Harry gets a little help from a gorgeous woman(Francois Dorleac sister to Catherine Deneuve and deceased by car crash) but treachery is all around and he starts to doubt of his partners. Meanwhile a millionaire Texan(an overacting and blustering Ed Begley) prepares a military uprising in Estonia with the help of a billion dollar computer.His objective is the overthrowing communism by means a coup de'Etat in Riga. Meanwhile the Russian intelligence officer( a wickedly comic Oskar Homolka who appeared in 'Funeral in Berlin' as defector) in charge of Russian espionage tries detain it. Michael Caine as deadpan, flabby anti-hero is phenomenal , he makes a delightful creation as the cockney secret agent, an immensely agreeable role. Packs solid scenes such as the final spectacular icebound highlights, among others . Appears uncredited Donald Sutherland as a scientist at computer. This exciting picture displays a James Bond style , in fact the producer is Harry Saltzman in charge of OO7 production. Emotive musical score including sensible leitmotif by Richard Rodney Barrett. Colorful cinematography reflecting splendidly the freeze outdoors by Billy Williams. The motion picture is well directed by Ken Rusell,who adds his peculiar style in some frames. The best adaptation based upon the bestseller by Len Deighton is ¨Ipcress file(65)¨ by Sidney J Furie, it's followed by ¨Funeral in Berlin¨ (66) by Guy Hamilton and continues the series with inferior renditions for TV, titled ¨Bullet to Beijing(95)¨ and ¨Midnight in Saint Petesburg(97)¨ by George Mihalka.

Reviewed by HotToastyRag 5 / 10 / 10

Michael Caine looks very handsome

Michael Caine reprises his role as Harry Palmer in Billion Dollar Brain, two years after The Ipcress File. He's drawn into a political scheme with his friend Karl Malden, but there's more to the plan that meets the eye. For one, Karl's girlfriend Francoise Dorleac is also having an affair with Michael, and she seems to have no qualms about her deception. For another, Michael finds a dead body in Karl's house. . . Sometimes I get a little confused during complicated plots, and I'll admit that Billion Dollar Brain did lose me a couple of times. However, I didn't really mind. To be honest, I was only watching the movie for the eye candy. If you have as much of a crush on Michael Caine as I do, you should definitely check this one—this movie—out. He's incredibly handsome, so it's no wonder Francoise couldn't help herself! DLM Warning: If you suffer from vertigo or dizzy spells, like my mom does, this movie might not your friend. There's one scene about halfway through with Michael Caine and Francoise Dorleac, and the camera is hand-held. Also, there's a scene twenty minutes later, after Ed Begley makes an impassioned speech, and the camera swirls and tilts. In other words, "Don't Look, Mom!"

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 5 / 10 / 10

Third in the spy series is merely average

BILLION DOLLAR BRAIN is the third in the Harry Palmer trilogy of spy movies and a far drop in quality from the excellent first in the series, THE IPCRESS FILE. The film feels very much like an inferior Bond movie which is odd given that the whole reason behind the series was to be an 'anti Bond' with a greater emphasis on seriousness and realism. The story sees Palmer come out of retirement to go after a mysterious megalomaniac bent on world domination, with the story set in an icy Finland for the most part. This was an early film in the career of director Ken Russell and his inexperience shows. Some of the staging is okay but the action feels oddly flat and lifeless and the actors struggle to make their characters interesting, Karl Malden a cast in point. Sure, the story does benefit from an entertaining and original choice of villain, but everything that happens feels clichéd and oddly muted, and the end result is merely average.

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