Beneath Us


Horror / Thriller

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August 13, 2019



Edy Ganem as Sandra Silva
James Tupper as Ben Rhodes
Lynn Collins as Beatnik Girl
Nicholas Gonzalez as Clint McCree
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by methis 8 / 10 / 10

Low scores are from the Fox "News" crowd...

Yes, there is social commentary in the film. Because of this, the close-minded hate it. Too bad, because, without the racism depicted in the film, you still have a riveting and intense psychological horror/thriller to watch. There's a significant amount of Spanish spoken in the film; the version I saw had no subtitles and I don't speak Spanish, but still I couldn't peel my eyes away from the screen 'til well after the credits rolled. The fact that the film's horror IS based in racism makes it all the more abominably sickening and, unfortunately, that much closer to the reality in which we in the Americas presently live. It also makes the title of the film work on multiple levels. Bravo and brava to all who worked on this, and I hope that Ms. Collins and Mr. Tupper aren't too plagued by nightmares to find the occasional good night's rest!

Reviewed by nezbitkn2 5 / 10 / 10


Aside from the political stance some people are taking about this film ("they took ourrr joooobbbssss"; South Park) it's actually a film you think you'd just watch but not be too bothered about it's got this strange pull which keeps you increasingly intrigued with what happens next. Very dark, very tongue in cheek at times but all the same worth a watch. Happy watching.

Reviewed by Samthesham67 5 / 10 / 10

Disturbed reality.

This films takes a real life scenario, undocumented immigrants working for below minimum wage to scrape a living, and turns it into a disturbed thriller. I won't go into details about the content, but I will say that the female lead is a total nut job! The scary thing about this film is the fact that it could happen, maybe even has to some degree. Reason for the 5 stars? Slow start, lack of depth in the "immigrant" characters and a poor finale. The film deserved more... a good story, but needed more.

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