Beat the Devil


Action / Adventure / Comedy / Crime / Drama / Romance

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Humphrey Bogart as Dixon Steele
Jennifer Jones as Mary Forbes
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by clanciai 10 / 10 / 10

Humphrey Bogart associated with a bunch of hilarious scoundrels to their scandal end.

What a wonderful comedy! In every scene it is evident how the director enjoyed filming it with such formidable actors cutting out such hilarious figures, all excelling each other in eccentric idiosyncracy. It's difficult to say who is best, they are all on top, Jennifer Jones as the flirty young wife, Gina Lollobrigida at her most beautiful and seductive, Robert Morley as the king of fools, Peter Lorre and all the others, and Humphrey Bogart giving probably his heartiest last laugh in all his films. It's a criminal comedy at its best bordering on parody all the way but with great irony and wit - the dialogue is thoroughly enjoyable and thick all the way, and the diction is perfect, even for those who speak with accents. I saw it 50 years ago and had forgotten everything except the car ride, the centerpiece of the comedy, and least of all did I remember that it was so hilariously funny. The only serious figure enters the last, and he has very little to say under the circumstances. This must be John Huston's funniest film.

Reviewed by JLRVancouver 6 / 10 / 10

Off-beat "Bogart comedy" with outstanding cast

Bogart's a shady tough guy who has cut a deal with Robert Morley's band of scoundrels (including the inimitable (but often imitated) Peter Lorre) to swindle some central African country out of a uranium deposit. Enter a supercilious ex-Royal Marine gentry-wannabe (Edward Underdown) and his compulsive liar wife (Jennifer Jones), who are heading to Africa on the same boat and you get this off-beat comedy directed by the great John Huston. A bit slow at times, "Beat the Devil" isn't exactly 'laff-a-minute', but the situations are amusing, the script witty in a dry way, and the delivery is excellent (especially Morley'). As a bonus, Bogart's wife is played by the gorgeous Gina Lollobrigida, eye-candy that shamelessly adds a half point to my rating. Good fun – worth watching.

Reviewed by atlasmb 6 / 10 / 10

A Mediocre Comedy That Is Still Watchable

John Huston directs Bogart and company in this subdued comedy with the tagline "The bold adventure that beats them all". Well, it is not much of an adventure film and, in my opinion, it is not much of a comedy. Sure the bare bones of a comedy are there, but the stars of the film are not up to the challenge and the beautiful cinematography only serves to undermine the comic aspects of the film. The producers assembled a stellar veteran cast. Consider Humphrey Bogart, Jennifer Jones, Gina Lollobrigida, Robert Morley and Peter Lorre for starters. But several of these stars, especially Bogart, lack the energy and spark that are needed to drive a great comedy. For example, the funniest bit of the film involves an auto accident with unforeseen results. Huston stages and edits the scene in a way that minimizes the comic payoff. It is still fun to see these actors performing together. Despite Bogart's own assessment of the film, it is still very watchable. Regardless, I think many viewers will question the casting of the two male characters who vie for the affections of Jones and Lollobrigida. Some might consider them too long in the tooth. Watch the film, but don't expect laugh out loud moments.

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