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Reviewed by vanilia-24825 7 / 10 / 10

I have thoroughly enjoyed it

As much as I appreciate great movies and prefer to watch something that makes me think a little, a bit of brainless action and pure camp often does the trick too! Watching the trailers I expected more than I got but it was still enough. Despite it lacking orginal story, good acting and someone that you would care about in this movie besides Pam; it is not as bad as everone says. To me the worst sin that film can commit is being boring, which is something that I have not experienced here. The best characteristics of Barb Wire are the very well done action sequences and sexuality of the main protagonist. I mean c'mon, who would watch anything with Pamela anderson if it wasn't for her boobs. as much as I don't find women attractive and as I as woman I should say that she is just portayed as an sex object,but I think that is the whole fun in it! This movie is not pretending to be anything else than it is; a cool B-class film. I will definitely watch it again. For me it is way better than the Prometheus which I absolutely hate.

Reviewed by DeadSpiderEye 9 / 10 / 10

The best of Pamela

Rating this was a bit difficult because Barb Wire is quite a bad film in a lot of respects but overall the effect is quite pleasing. The Pamela Anderson phenomenon passed me by without me taking much notice. I couldn't see that much attractive about a chick with a pudgy face, too much badly applied makeup and those horrible eye brows... and then I watched Barb Wire. Oh right now I get it, she's not what I'd call a beauty but she's got a pot of pneumatic that just never runs out. Yeah there are problems with the film, the tone is a too light, too comical; during one particular scene, early in the narrative which should be disturbing and dark, I find myself laughing quite hard because it's just played so wrong. There is a secondary character that steals the climax from Barb Wire which is quite annoying but mostly the film works well, it has good a visual feel without it being overworked.

Reviewed by mikebassguitarking 9 / 10 / 10

Pamela Anderson CAN act

A superb film, even if you ignore the starting huge boob credits... this gal can act in a way I never knew she could..... she is SOOO fitted for this character.. the whole thing was brill... I must have seen it a dozen times, and I'm sure it won't be the last time... don't make any pre evaluations about Pamela... just see the film for what it is.. a great sci fi with a GREAT looker as a lead...

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