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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by sylvias_in73 9 / 10 / 10

Smart and Entertaining

The review on Critical Popcorn pretty much nails it. This is a smart, well thought out and extremely well acted film. Kudos to Savante, Withers and Emery for taking chances on a low budget independent film. The writer/director deserves credit for being brave enough to write something that we don't see much of anymore. A provocative, funny, extremely clever, artsy, dark comedy. Avalanche surprised and entertained me.

Reviewed by ops-52535 1 / 10 / 10

not a smasher but

Its a triangular drama, and the partakers has to accept the realitys whether they like it or not. it basically a one location story, with 3 actors , one sneak peeking and hiding while viewing the surveillance cams he has placed around the house, and his girlfriend making out nwith a stranger, and dives into adultery in a swell of happiness. its a basic product,but with good actors,who knows their lines and moves, and the filmographic quality and by viewing the daylight in the background tells me that there are some degree of profesionalism in the making of thie avelanche of broken trust and feelings. its the kinda humour you either love or hate, i didnt like it but neither hated it. i paid special attention to the music dept, with omri lahav behind the tangents and strings. he is an extremely gifted musician, that i got in touch with after viewing him at youtube, playing the theme songs from the pc game jazz jackrabbit on his electric guitar, that gave me goose bumps all over. so if your in for a sublime sedat and a bit raunchy movie with some tiptoed comedy then the grumpy old man can recommend

Reviewed by julian-640-544058 1 / 10 / 10

A complete waste

The "actors" in this wreck must have been unable to make it in their HS drama club, and I use the word "actors" loosely so as not to disrespect real actors. In fairness, they were not completely to blame. If the script were written by someone with even a modicum of talent, they would have had something substantial to destroy with their inability. Instead, they were handed dialog clearly written by a failing student lacking plot and direction....and talking about direction, I have to assume this film was made testing a new style of film making: one using NO director (if there was one, they, too should be ashamed.) I kept waiting for the story to start and it never did. I realize that desperate people who want to try out acting will jump and any opportunity...but in this case it would have been better to jump off a bridge like I wanted to after watching this mess.

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