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Dan Stevens as Hal
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Michael Sheen as Sigmund Freud
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Platypuschow 5 / 10 / 10

Apostle: Starts strong, trails off

Apostle is another Netflix original, a collaboration between UK and US production companies and is certainly a memorable tale. It tells the story of a man who visits a secluded island housed by a mysterious cult that have kidnapped his sister. But beneath the visage is something even more sinister than he could have possibly imagined. It comes under the horror genre, I question that. Is it really? Thriller seems to suit it better. Starring Michael Sheen in a truly excellent performance by him this grisly, dark, moody little film really got my attention early on but by about half way it seemed to have lost its way. Like the writer had a good idea but didn't know how to follow through with it. I'm not saying Apostle is a bad movie, it has some great themes and looks great but from an entertainment perspective it finds itself somewhat lacking. I'm not a person who needs everything spelling out for him, I don't mind things being left open to interpretation but there is a fine line between that and just leaving things a tad too open. Apostle is a watchable effort with some nice ideas but as for what they were actually aiming for I think it's a swing and a miss. Shame. The Good: Looks the part Michael Sheen A few decent ideas The Bad: Doesn't really come together very well Things I Learnt From This Movie: Concerningly that lifestyle (Minus the religion) oddly appeals to me Christian torture devices are the stuff of nightmares

Reviewed by digitalbeachbum 8 / 10 / 10

Metaphors only work when they teach a logical conclusion

Mixing religions and ideas from different eras and communities does not work. It's like mixing water with oil. They don't mix. You shake them up and it appears they are thoroughly mixed, but when you let it sit, the oil separates and your efforts are wasted. This movie is about mankind and religion. It mixes christianity with a variety of other mythological folklore, such as witchcraft. This is failure number one because the mixing of the religions doesn't work. You can't mix water and oil together. The movie also has poor character development. You have a leader who is supposed to be in full command of the island. He has these "warrior guards" who are willing to defend him against an assassin. You also have some followers who listen intently and follow his every command. Then a few scenes later, they all go against him for no reason. Everything falls apart and is forced because the director and/or the writer(s) don't understand about natural development of their characters. It was rushed and forced, just so they could get from the beginning to the end. There was no middle. Failure number two. The idea of blood giving to plants is an ancient one, but this movie apparently has the entire life of the island related to the blood of a few individuals. Blood was supposed to be, on many levels, an elixir , which could be poisoned or cleansed. You also see an evil man giving his blood to the witch. This would be poison and not nourishment. It is confusing and shows that the writer(s) and directors didn't understand the ancient myths about how blood was used in their rituals. It wasn't that one drop of it could make whole crops grow. It was one drop for one drop. Equal parts. This movie makes it that one drop will solve all the problems of the island. After the which is burned you see the guards are all impaled in the trees and there is confusion. People appear to be leaving or running away. The girls escape to a boat and there is a explosion with a waterfall of blood in to the ocean? Too much symbolism, to much confusion. No explanation of the situation, no character development, no resolving the story. My final beef with the story is that the the "savior" guy then takes the place of the witch, thus saving the island and the cult. You see the leader realizing that he has a new witch who he can exploit and use to save his religion. All in all, the movie felt like they were trying to push a square peg in through a round hole. They rushed everything, they lacked proper character explanation and development. It did have a few interesting scenes, but the characters didn't have any motivation. They lacked continuity. They seemed pushed through the movie to do things just to make a scene happen. It sucked. I could write a better story and I did so. I wrote a short story about a witch who would trick people in to her home and then she would use their bodies to grow food, which she later sold at market, back to the villagers who bullied her. She was finally caught, executed, and the village died because none of the crops would produce enough food for them.

Reviewed by Fella_shibby 8 / 10 / 10

The horryfying nature of men is scarier than the horrors of the supernatural.

I saw this film without watching the trailer, without checkin about the star cast n without reading anything about it. The name of Gareth Evans was suffice. Been a huge fan of him after Merantau, Raid 1 n 2 n Killers. After completion, I was not at all disappointed. I was waiting for a movie like Black Death n this movie came like a pleasant surprise. The cinematography is top notch n the music appropriate. Dan Stevens n Sheen did a wonderful job. The film started with some beautiful scenery of the train on the bridge n the island hamlet resembling a poetry. There is something sinister about films based on cult theme. There is one particular ritualistic killing scene. That made me cringe man. Fans of Black Death, The Sacrament n Wicker Man will definitely enjoy this. My two cribs - If only the pagan goddess shown was as hot as Carice van Houten from Black Death. There was no explanation regarding the Grinder n the Witch.

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