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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by sbari2004 7 / 10 / 10

Self inflicted?

Although I feel sorry for the people who have been injured in a car or other accidents, I found it hard to sympathize with others who performed dangerous sports where they knew the risks and then had to have loved ones take care of them indefinitely. A lot of these caregivers are young with the rest of their lives in front of them and all I could think is how a selfish hobby of a loved one gave them this lot in life. Sorry but all it made me think is people should think of others when you want live on the edge, it's not only your life that gets impacted if something happens onto you. Epitome of selfishness

Reviewed by mpboylanjr-54038 / 10

Uplifting, Inspiring , Amazing !!!

In short this documentary was amazing. The struggles and suffering that these men and women endure daily from having spinal cord injuries is heart breaking , but at the same time inspiring. This documentary travels various people, from athletes to regular people on their journeys of trying everything and anything to try and get their range of motion and feeling back into their extremities. Eventually they except that their lives will be changed forever, but they do not give up. They push on to start wheelchair dancing companies or invent other things that will not only help them regain some normalcy in life but others in the same position. There are so many different treatments to help people with spinal cord injuries but no real cure which makes this documentary particularly frustrating while watching. Basically what I have learned is that everyone's body recovers differently and that each injury has a different degree of severity . In time these amazing people get better physically and emotionally. I was blown away at how brave these people are, and truly inspired by their incredible stories. Another great documentary from HBO Sports, and one I will not soon forget. Must see for all people !!!

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