Another Stakeout


Comedy / Crime

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Emilio Estevez as Bill Reimers
Madeleine Stowe as Maria McGuire
Richard Dreyfuss as Harold Webster
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by FlashCallahan 5 / 10 / 10

I am going to sue for custody.....

A witness against the Mafia is being secretly held till the trial when an attempt on her life is made that kills several of her guards. She disappears and Bill and Chris are sent to, guess what? Another Stakeout. This one is arranged by the D.A.'s office and comes with Gina who is to keep an eye on them since the observation post is a vacation resort community in the home of a judge. And many times in the background, you can just make out John Badham trying to recapture the magic.... The first Stakeout was a fresh, fun movie. It had a serious plot, but the comedy spark between the two leads made the film just that little more than a cop movie. Times must have been hard for the two stars and the director, because although the film is highly watchable, as soon as we get to the titular part of the film, it all seems to go downhill. Estevez and Dreyfuss are more or less separated for the majority of the film, and it's up to Rosie O' Donnell to try and get that chemistry from the first film. She doesn't. But the first twenty minutes is as good as the first film. There is an amazing explosion in the opening ten minutes, one that Jerry Bruckheimer should be envious of, and the initial chase scene with the two leads is as funny and as immature as you would expect. So the decision to separate the two is a little pointless, just as is the inclusion of Madeline Stowe returning to do nothing more than give Dreyfuss a little grief via the phone. But if you were a fan of the first film, there is a little bit of fun to be had...

Reviewed by Mr-Fusion 4 / 10 / 10

The operation's a bust

I've gotta give "Another Stakeout" credit: it started out pretty well. The chemistry between Dreyfuss and Estevez was back, the sense of humor worked alright; but eventually the movie trades in Madeline Stowe for Rosie O'Donnell - which actually isn't the kiss of death you think it'd be (she worked well with the two leads, and a lot of the comedy derived from pushing each other's buttons), but it's a neon warning sign that the movie's about to pull into Dullsville. Like, as soon as they set up camp in the the lakehouse and the actual stakeout is under way, the laughs dry up. I will say that that house is some gorgeous piece of real estate, and one of my favorite movie locations. Big picture, this movie is a rather unnecessary sequel, but does it have to be stagnant? 5/10

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle 4 / 10 / 10

chemistry is off

Hired killer Tony Castellano (Miguel Ferrer) blows up a safe house barely missing mob case witness Lu Delano (Cathy Moriarty). Chris Lecce (Richard Dreyfuss) and Bill Reimers (Emilio Estevez) are assigned to the D.A. office. They stakeout a house with Gina Garrett (Rosie O'Donnell) and her dog. The cover story is that Gina is Chris' 2nd wife and Bill is his son. Maria McGuire (Madeleine Stowe) breaks up with Chris for not getting married. D.A. Thomas Hassrick is actually working for the mobster. The trio is staking out Brian (Dennis Farina) and Pam O'Hara (Marcia Strassman) in the house next door. The original has some fun with this odd buddy cop duo. Adding Rosie drains whatever fun there is in this franchise. I don't see the point of adding a third. She's a wet blanket. It's a lot of bickering between the three and most of it is annoying. This is not much fun.

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