Anabolic Life


Sport / Thriller

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August 13, 2019


Daniel Baldwin as Team Cheetah Trainer
Kim Kold as Peter
Noel Gugliemi as Uncle Juan
Sharon Lawrence as Katherine Stenson
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by aarinnkumarmishra 9 / 10 / 10

Really entertaining, good acting and great ending

I'm amazed by how well made this movie was. And it always feels great to watch a movie with a very good ending. It is a low budget movie and there're very few that are this good. Following are the things I loved about this movie: 1) Following Adam on his journey was enthralling. 2) Chris Levine, Sarah Baldwin, Thai and the one who played the mother were amazing. The friend too. 3) The visuals put in the movie were captivating and totally put me in Adam's shoes. 4) Daniel Baldwin was funny ah. 5) The ending totally took me by surprise. I was never expecting that. 6) The research done for the purpose of movie about the business of steroids and characters around that is so realistic. The only thing that this movie (imho) needed was a little bit better dialogues and more work on establishing Adam's relationship with his parents. I didn't get the negative reviews but to each their own. Overall, it's a very inspiring movie (for me coz I'm learning to be a Screenwriter) with a good message and very entertaining. Glad I watched this.

Reviewed by warrenhindle 9 / 10 / 10

Comically bad movie

The basic concept of this film could be an interesting one if treated in the correct manner. Unfortunately, the title and blurb give the entire plot away - young dweeb turns to steroids to make up for his insecurities & inadequacies but falls victim to addiction and the fabled 'roid rage'. There really is nothing more to the plot than that... The dialogue is laughable (especially that of the lead character's father in the final scenes), and the only cast members who come out of this with any dignity are Thai Edwards and Cameron Barsanti. The guy playing the lead role looks like Brian Peppers and is portrayed as a total loser at the start of the film - there is zero credibility to his relationship with his girlfriend. It seems odd that 'Kali Muscle' appears so high on the cast billing - his contribution lasts no longer than 10 seconds and includes no dialogue. Ignore the fake reviews - this is a total dud.

Reviewed by misterphilipj 9 / 10 / 10

Great movie !

I was expecting garbage, since I was mostly studio movies and only do independent if they've gained a name. However, this one I was pleasantly surprised. Although the main actor's face is a bit hard to look at for 2 hours, he did a good job, and the movie came together with a good supporting cast. It told the story well, and I felt the emotion and trauma that people were going through. It was a little predictable, only downfall. Despite someone else's comments the dialogue is all necessary to the plot development and I thought lines were delivered well.

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