American Gothic


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Orpheus_Unlimited 1 / 10 / 10


I'll be brief, because no one wants to lose more time than needed here, right? American Gothic has it all. It starts with a coma-inducing opening sequence. Seriously, you better be well rested while watching it or you'll fall asleep in no time. It's long, confusing, tedious and very boring. OMG! I've just realized it's like the perfect prelude to this movie. Because that basically sums up the whole thing. Nick & Guy are 2 inmates that just had a break: the van transporting them back to the prison just had an accident and now they're on the run. A short time after they found themselves at the door of a secluded farm house run by an ordinary looking couple. Things quickly go to hell and suddenly they get more than they bargained for. Everything in this movie is bad. And I mean EVERYTHING. The script is an insult to the viewer's IQ. Editing is a joke. The acting is awful. Seriously, it's very very very bad. I've never seen a movie before where no one can act even if their lives depended on it. Believe me, I can handle bad acting but this movie is something else. It has main actors giving some of the most lifeless performances I have ever seen. It's sad! Photography? Bad. FX? Bad. Music? Bad. And the camera? Jesus! Amateurish doesn't even begin to describe it. The worst part is that the movie tries to "be smart" by introducing a lot of plot twists here & there...but it miserably fails in that too as a result of how many plot holes it manages to create while doing so. And one final (pathetic) note: since they have zero reasons to attract an audience by its own merits, the makers of this atrocity decided to lure in unsuspecting victims by saying that it's "based on true events". Well I did my research. Surprise, surprise: it is not. Best case scenario, there's no evidence to back their claims. Worst case, they're outright cheating & lying. So take my humble advice and stay away from this. It's not even worth a watch for free.

Reviewed by wconnelly-56453 2 / 10 / 10

Compelling, original story

I saw the bad reviews and am frankly shocked! The film was exciting, engaging, and the ending was unexpected. So good I watched it a couple of times. Great way to spend the time, can't wait to see what the director comes up with next.

Reviewed by davey184 2 / 10 / 10

After 10 minutes....

This is an unbelievable waste of air time. The plot starts off slowly and confusingly. Only to develop into a predictable mess. Filled with poor acting and a story line that has faults all over. Like bolt cutters appearing by accident, just at the right moment and injured people able to run away, at speed with life threatening wounds. The law officers in this county were looking for two escaped convicts? More like they were looking for a tin of custard in a supermarket and did not bother to look in the tinned custard section of Walmart. I have tried not to include spoilers, I dare you to watch this and then give IMDb an honest opinion in reviews for yourself. It really is that bad, that it needs to be proved as such by viewers worldwide.

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