All Good Things



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Andrew Stevens as Band Leader Max
Corbin Bernsen as Brian Fuller
Morgan Fairchild as Ms. Robinson
Sierra McCormick as Bridget
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by laramia-garcia 7 / 10 / 10

This movie means so much to me even if it's kind of "the same old story"

When I started watching this film I thought I was going to stop watching it after five minutes. The two teenaged daughters were such brats, and I didn't like the way they talked to their mother, but for one reason or another, I watched on. There were some formulaic stuff, yes, and the "ranch" had financial trouble because the "friend" who helped them had big $$ in his eyes, and didn't care if the "ranch" helped a lot of people heal while forming relationships with the abandoned horses. #HorsesAndAutism I had two siblings with the Fragile X Syndrome and both of them were autistic savants(an oxymoron, I know). Both of them loved horses(they also loved food, art, swimming etc.). Horses made them happy, and they were able to ride them. Fiona, one of the teenagers who worked in the ranch, taught a little girl with autism in this movie, and I liked how patient she was with her. #QuestionsUnanswered Maybe I missed it, but it's not clear to me if the parents are divorced, or if the mom is just too busy, and the dad just needs to be alone to write a book. #WonderfulGrandparents MORGAN FAIRCHILD and CORBIN BERNSEN play the bratty teenagers' grandparents. For me, they are the life of the movie, and because of them, I watched the whole movie. What do I think about the movie? The ending was kind of "expected" and the theme is kind of overused, but as a whole I liked it a lot...and yes, the HORSES are a big factor too.

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